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Baby will only sleep on me

Apr 18, 2002 My baby will sleep for up to five hours at a time — but only if I'm holding her. I
have an 8 week old that sleeps in our bed and needs me to hold 
baby will only sleep on me
Nov 2, 2011 For the first few weeks your newborn baby may only be able to stay wake for 30-
40 minutes. About 0% of newborn babies will sleep happily in a crib. Dr.
Karp (I'm a big fan, check me getting inappropriately grabby with  I taught her to fall asleep on her own, and this is exactly what she does every 6
:00 for a feed he then came in with me until 8 for sleepy snuggles only used 

Aug 28, 2013 I prefer the term “sleep-sharing” because, as you will learn, a baby shares “
She slept in our bed the next ten months, monitored only by me.Dec 21, 2010 1 month old will only sleep on my chest – Welcome to Circle of Moms!! I don't
want to sleep with her on me, so I haven't been getting much sleep tell u ,u
shouldnt but u will atleast you will get some sleep, ur baby will grow 
The swing only works occasionally and he will fall asleep in the car but as she
would only sleep for 5-15 minutes then wake up crying and lookong for 4 months pregnantBut he WILL NOT sleep alone during the day. The only thing that worked for me
Mar 19, 2012 One of the most common concerns I hear from new parents is that their baby will
only sleep on them. On their chest, nursing or in a sling, they